PTA Committees

Fifth Grade Activities Committee

The Fifth Grade Activities Committee is made up of parents and guardians to organize events, fundraisers and activities for the 5th graders at PS 38.

Design Committee

You will be tasked with designing big projects and small projects, with your design software expertise and/or with your fine dexterity the ol’ fashioned way with paper, scissors, paint and tape. This is the fun group that gets to communicate information visually!

Equity Committee

The Equity Committee at PS 38 is comprised of parents, faculty, PS 38 School Administration and Community Schools.

Garden Committee

The PS 38 Garden – Jeanine’s Garden – has taken new life in Spring 2018 and needs your love and greenthumbs for continued growth. Responsibilities include:

  • garden chores all year round: weeding, raking leaves, picking up debris and garbage
  • bed preparation: in the late Winter and early Spring
  • grant research and grant writing: to support nature-centered learning and school gardens

Grant Writing & Participatory Budget Committee

This is the committee that can make $$$ happen for PS 38! Types of grants that need to be researched:

  • Library: we need funding to acquire more books, furnishings (bookcases, child-size tables and chairs) and beautiful decor to make the environment support literacy

Participatory Budgeting:

  • The city awards $35 million to projects that would improve schools, parks, libraries, public housing, and other public spaces in our community. PS 38 won the votes to renovate bathrooms on the 3rd floor during the most recent cycle. They are now collecting ideas for Cycle 9.
  • As a PTA, we should discuss what the needs are. This Grant Committee should submit an idea for a project that would improve our school’s neighborhood, publicize it, and help get votes to win.

Library Committee

This committee will work towards launching and supporting PS 38’s Library for all of our Pre-K through 5th grade students. Responsibilities include:

  • Organize the library space and existing books
  • Brainstorm ways to obtain new books
  • Support the part-time librarian (e.g. reshelving books)
  • Research grants and other resources available to school libraries

Afterschool Enrichment

Help to plan and implement a high quality and cost effective afterschool program to benefit PS 38 families.

Wellness Council

The Wellness Council (formerly the Water and Nutrition Committee ) is made of up parents, faculty and staff to actively seek out grants and opportunities to improve and upgrade water fountains and nutrition at PS 38.