Community Standards

At PS 38, we believe it is important that we all follow these Community Standards to ensure we have a peaceful, respectful and nurturing school environment.

With Your Voice:

  • Be careful with other people’s feelings
  • Tell the truth
  • Use appropriate language (no inappropriate words or gestures)
  • Respect and listen to the person speaking
  • Please do not tease, insult, threaten or call others unkind names
  • Keep the classroom quiet when others are working

With Your Body:

  • Be careful around other people’s space
  • Be careful with other people’s things
  • Ask permission before you touch something
  • Be careful with school property (tables, chairs, books, computers)
  • Use your hands to help, comfort — No hitting or fighting

With Your Mind:

  • Always ask yourself these questions: “Am I doing the right thing?” “Would I like someone to do that to me?”


  • Please be quiet in the hallways. Children are working in their classrooms
  • Please walk quietly with your class when you are in the hallways
  • Always listen to and follow directions given to you by PS 38 adults
  • Please come to school on time. This is very important!
  • Please clean up after yourself at lunch time and be respectful of the adults in the cafeteria and yard
  • Please do not run in the building
  • Please don’t fool around in the bathroom. Use it, wash your hands and return quickly to your classroom
  • Please don’t chew gum at school

Possible Consequence of Inappropriate Behavior:

  • Solve the problem you created or work with an adult to solve the problem
  • Write a letter of apology
  • Lose school privileges
  • Meet with an administrator
  • Have your family contacted by your teacher or an administrator
  • Have inappropriate items confiscated by a teacher or an administrator
  • Possible suspension

Thank you for upholding these standards and supporting our wonderful school community!