Arrival Procedures

Arrival Procedures Beginning Friday, September 17:

  • If you’re coming for Early Morning Drop-Off from 7:30-8am, please arrive at the Dean St. gate prepared to show your child’s health screener
  • ALL K-5 STUDENTS WILL ARRIVE THROUGH THE SCHOOLYARD! At 8am we will open the secondary Dean St. gate and the Pacific St. gate. All students in grades K-5 will have their health screening done at one of these gates and enter through the schoolyard. (THESE GATES OPEN OUTWARD, so please do not block them.)
  • Teachers will pick up their classes in the yard and escort them into the building through the schoolyard – classes will no longer travel on the sidewalks in the morning. Grades will continue to stagger entry into the building – if your child arrives in the yard after their class has gone inside, they will just enter the building and go straight to their classroom
  • Gates will be closed at 8:15am. Students arriving after 8:15am are considered late and must enter through the Dean Main entrance 
  • Pre-K procedures remain unchanged; please enter though the Pre-K yard

Dismissal Procedures

  • Dismissal will remain as it was on Wednesday – grades K-2 will dismiss in the yard and 3-5 will dismiss at their assigned doorwaysK-2 families – if you are exiting the yard after you have picked up your child, please defer to parents who are still entering the schoolyard for pickup

Afterschool Dismissal Procedures

  • TBD

Breakfast & Lunch

  • All children are provided with free breakfast and lunch at school
  • Menus can be found here
  • The lunch periods are split in half to include both Lunch & Recess for each of the two grades.

Food Allergies

If your child has a food allergy, please inform your child’s teacher and the School Administrative team. DOE policy on food allergies can be found here.

Need to Drop Your Child Off Early?

Free early drop-off is provided by the PTA for PS 38 families, everyday from 7:30-8:00am in the Schoolyard

Need to Pick Up Your Child Early?

Stop by the School Safety desk to sign-in, then head to the Administrative Office so that your child’s teacher can be notified to send your child to meet you in the office.

Is Your Child Absent or Late Today?

Notes are needed for absences and late arrivals. A quick email to your child’s teacher would be good too!

Cell phone policy

Students are permitted to bring cell phones and other electronic devices to school but they may not be turned on or be at all visible during the school day. They must remain inside the student’s backpack. Cell phones or other electronic devices that are visible or are left on inside backpacks will be confiscated by the classroom teacher and given to a school administrator. In this case, a parent or guardian will be required to come to school to pick up the device. Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be turned on for use until the student is off the school grounds.

Toy policy

All toys, Pokemon trading cards, action figures, cars, etc are not allowed in school, which includes for lunch and recess. Students often spend more time playing with their toys than eating lunch. Toys also cause conflicts among friends and can get lost at school. If students need to bring in a toy for afterschool or any other reason, it must stay in the backpack until the end of the school day.

Homework policy

Below is PS 38’s school-wide homework policy, to provide a guideline, on the amount (in minutes) of homework we expect in each grade. Homework is rarely assigned on weekends although we encourage and recommend that our students read every day, whether it’s with grade level texts and/or children choosing what they want to read during their own time. The time ranges are a guide for you and your child. If your child finishes their homework quickly, additional reading is recommended. Your teacher can also recommend additional resources, including many wonderful literacy and math websites, for your child to explore. If your child is struggling within the given timeframe, please reach out to your classroom teacher for homework. We want to work together, with you and with your child, to help make homework a positive (as much as it can be!) and manageable experience.

GradeReadingWritten/Math workTotal time
KindergartenRead to/with your child 10-15 minRarely at beginning of Kindergarten
5 min close to the end of Kindergarten
10-15 min
First10-15 min10 min20-25 min
Second15-20 min10-15 min20-25 min
Third15-20 min20-25 min35-40 min
Fourth20-30 min25-35 min45-60 min
Fifth25-30 min35-40 min60-70 min