Prospective Families

Blue spray painted 38 in a heart on concrete sidewalk

Hello Prospective Families!

Kindergarten Offers are Out!

Welcome to our incoming kindergarten class for the 2022-2023 school year! Whether you are an existing Pre-K family, a younger sibling of a PS 38 student, or new PS 38 altogether, we are so happy to have you!

Kindergarten offer letters were made available through email on April 5, and will be sent through the mail the week of 4/11. Please accept or decline your offer by May 6. After May 6 we will reach out to you with details on how to register.

If you missed the application deadline, please call the main office at (718) 330-9305.


If you missed a tour and have questions about our pre-K program, please reach out to the Parent Coordinator at

Grades 1-5:

Prospective 1-5 grade families should call the main office at (718) 330-9305 or email the Parent Coordinator at