Prospective Families

Blue spray painted 38 in a heart on concrete sidewalk

Hello Prospective Families!

Welcome to our incoming families for the 2022-2023 school year! Whether you are an existing Pre-K family, a younger sibling of a PS 38 student, or new PS 38 altogether, we are so happy to have you!

If you have an offer to 3-K, Pre-K, Kindergarten, or the Gifted and Talented program, please reach out to the main office after August 29 to complete your registration.

3-K, Pre-K, K:

If you missed the application deadline for Pre-K and Kindergarten, please call the main office at (718) 330-9305 or reach out to the Parent Coordinator at

Grades 1-5:

Prospective 1-5 grade families should call the main office at (718) 330-9305 or email the Parent Coordinator at