Principals Corner

Dear PS 38 families, 

It’s December already! How did that happen? This month is chock full of school activities and celebrations 

Here are a few updates and reminders for December. 


Wednesday, December 11th—Safety meeting 8:30-9:30am in the library 

Thursday, December 12th—WINTER SHOW! 6-7:30pm 

Saturday, December 14th—International Feast 1pm-3:30pm (Please see Ms. Atiyya’s Konstella message) 

Friday, December 20th—FAMILY FRIDAY (8am-8:30am parent coffee; 8:30am-9am classroom visit

Monday, December 23rdJanuary 1st —HOLIDAY BREAK 


Library update: A huge “thank you”, parents, for your incredible fundraising effort for our library at this year’s Auction. It’s simply amazing! We are so ready to get our library organized and functional again. Our library committee (made up of parents, teachers, admin and our part-time librarian) has already made good progress in initiating the many tasks ahead, including purchasing sorting and organizing our current books and shelves, painting, designing specific spaces for library activities, providing flexible seating options, purchasing additional books and creating a media area. Currently, grades K, 1, 2 are enjoying library class with Ms. Ekene, our part-time librarian. I’ll continue to update you with our progress. 

Bathroom update: 3rd floor student bathroom renovations are complete and look great! Bathrooms are now available to students on the 3rd floor. Pre-k bathrooms are scheduled to be completed and functional in the next few days. The bathrooms in the school lobby are also being renovated and that will work started this past week. 

Roof replacement and work on pre-k yard:  The SCA (School Construction Authority) has been meeting with us to discuss the construction project to replace 38’s roof and make repairs to the pre-k yard. Due to leaks and age, the entire school roof will be replaced. The project will also include repairs to the foundation of the pre-k yard. The pre-k yard will be closed for the duration of the project.  All entrances to the school will have scaffolding (but will remain functional), including the walkway between Dean and Pacific streets. The scaffolding in the walkway will extend a few feet into the playground, however students will continue to have full access to the entire yard for recess and play time. We will create a play space in the big yard for pre-k students to use during scheduled times of the day. The open area in front of the school, on the Dean street-side, will be used to house materials and equipment. Although this project may seem daunting (and inconvenient), the construction team has been extremely considerate of our needs as school and are committed to making the construction project run as smoothly as possible. The bright side of all this is that our school will have important upgrades that will improve the quality of our school environment. We’re meeting with the project manager on the 17th to finalize the details and schedule for the work. Construction will happen during non-instructional time (not during the school day) and on the weekends. The projected timeframe for the construction work is about eighteen months. I will keep you updated on the construction work. 

BPW student leaders: As part of our Brain Power Wellness program, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will have the opportunity to take on a leadership role in our school. Twenty-three 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students, across all classes, have been selected, by teacher recommendations, to be BPW “student ambassadors”. Student ambassadors have the important role of helping other students learn and maintain BPW practices in energy development and mindfulness. Ambassadors will lead BPW activities during school assemblies, visit classrooms to teach students BPW games/activities, review monthly themes and provide overall support for the BPW program in our school. 

Gifted-Talented testing: For families who have registered for G&T testing, testing will be administered in January. You will be contacted by our testing coordinator, Ms. Simmons, with the details. Testing results are sent directly to families from the DOE in the spring. 

We are looking forward to seeing around school the next couple of weeks. 

Please reach out if you have questions. 

Have a great month and Happy Holidays!